Director’s Speech

Director’s Speech.

Dear all, Azerbaijani’s pomegranate with millennial history is famous all over the world with its beauty, taste and useful features. 9 out of 11 existing climate zones are present in our beautiful country. So, this case imparts a wonderful taste to the grown fruits and vegetables. The pomegranate, which is considered the king of the fruits, is grown in the area of Aran region of Azerbaijan, called the “the continental climate”. Abundant amount of heat through the sun’s rays in the daytime and the coolness created by the cool wind from the Greater Caucasus at nights give a charming flavor that is not found anywhere else in the world.
Research shows that the motherland of a pomegranate is Azerbaijan. Since its establishment, APPEA has set a priority position for itself promoting the history of the Azerbaijani pomegranate in the world.

It holds the exhibition and presentation of Azerbaijani pomegranate and fascinating products made from it in the world-renowned exhibitions, to this end. It plans to open APPEA’s representative offices abroad to facilitate foreign markets. For achieving all this, APPEA is planning to play a role as a coordinator in the field of pomegranate cultivation, agro-technical care, harvesting, storage and access to markets, from a fruit grower to large companies throughout the country. Proverbially, pomegranate is known not only as a tableware product, nar sharab (pomegranate product, mainly used for a fish meal) and pomegranate juice but also by its healing properties using its shells and seeds from ancient times. The antioxidants in the composition have turned pomegranate shells and seeds into an indispensable product in pharmacology and cosmetology. One of the main purposes of APPEA is the production of these products in Azerbaijan.

Dear pomegranate manufacturers,

I invite each of you to join in our association, to hand in the delicate cultivation of our beautiful product, and to work together in keeping the self-respecting place in the foreign markets.



Director of APPEA, Farhad Qarashov