A meeting of Co-operation Council was held in Riga within the Latvian-Azerbaijani business forum.

Discussions were held on topical issues, future opportunities and perspectives. Many new proposals were highlighted on new market opportunities for mutual investments, companies’ cooperation potential in transport, health, and air transport.  At the same time  exchange of experiences and expansion of future relationships between the Latvian-Azerbaijani companies and other issues were discussed at the meeting. The director of “ Az-Granata” LLC R.Farhadov and the CEO of APPEA V.Tagiyev also participated in the meeting.


In the last one year tourism and trade relationships among Arabian countries and Azerbaijan have been expanded. The wide export of the products under the brand of  “Made in Azerbaijan” was carried out. The President of our country Ilham Aliyev keeps this issue in charge and gives necessary instructions to related state bodies.

As a continuation of this tendency a delegation led by Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafaev  visited United Arab Emirates

Some meetings were held and debates took place on expansion of mutual relationships  in Dubai Chamber of Commerce within the framework of the visit

Along with these meetings the members of APPEA visited “Lulu” and other major trade networks, got acquainted with their principles and achieved an agreement on export of pomegranate products..

Trip to Italy

It is very important to grow tasty, qualified and fruitful trees in pomegranate cultivation. A qualified pomegranate tree starts its beginning with young plant cultivated following agricultural rules.

As it is known, dozens of sorts of pomegranate are cultivated in our country. The selection should be done before plantation by calculating the economic benefits of each region in accordance with the natural conditions.

APPEA organized a visit of about eight pomegranate farmers to Italy in order to create a synthesis of new technological seeding of Europe and Azerbaijan’s ancient historical seeding.

The purpose of the visit was to study experiences of Italian specialists, to get acquainted with  new technologies and applying them in Azerbaijan’s pomegranate cultivation.

An agreement was reached about such planting and visiting Azerbaijan taking into account the interest of Italian specialists to our pomegranate within framework of visit.