One of the main goals of formation APPEA is to implement advanced technologies worldwide in the field of pomegranate to our country. As known, in our country, the pomegranate harvest season begins in the last weeks of September and continues until the middle of November. It is not a secret that coincident rainfall causes 30-40 loss of grown crops in this period. In addition, when the pomegranate is harvested, the farmers are faced with serious lack of staff. It is important to keep the pomegranate from being damaged during harvesting. So experienced workers are needed. This, in turn, puts pomegranate farms confronted with a major challenge.  Our association recommends a widely used machine in Israel when harvesting pomegranates, In order to solve on the below mentioned issues. Having the capacity to collect 40 tons of pomegranate for 12 hours, the machine protects pomegranate from being damaged during its harvesting due to its specific functionality. It is possible to keep pomegranate accumulation when the weather is dark through the lamps in the body.