Our fridge storages allows to keep pomegranates fresh and a long life quality product till end of February each season, which allows us deliver quality product to anywhere around the world till the very last harvesting period, we guarantee to provide high quality, fresh fruit for your family, with the convenience of delivery straight to your house. Latest nano technologies packing XTend MA/MH packaging cellophanes for long lasting fruit freshness and long distance transportation in Refrigerator Semi-Trailer Truck

Exhibitions and export missions of Azerbaijani pomegranate manufacturers and exporters in the last year deeply interested not only Russia and former Soviet Republics  which are supposed to be traditional market of Azerbaijani pomegranate, but also European, Middle East  and even North American countries. This fact in its turn opened wide opportunities to export Azerbaijan pomegranate and its other products. But unfortunately Azerbaijani pomegranate which is much better in taste than in other countries couldn’t  find a decent place in these markets. As APPEA we will continue our activity to eliminate these problems.

Logistics can be considered the essential  problem. The legislation system of the above-mentioned countries imposes strict requirements for the production, packaging, transportation and storage of foodstuffs.

Below we will inform you transport  requirements and standards

More than 70 kg. of cargo must be palletized for safe and stable delivery. Below we will inform you about palletization methods of cargo.


-A movable platform made of wood, plastic, metal or combination of these materials. It is considered for movement by jack screw or autocar.

 -Pallet is supposed to keep cargo at height of 15 sm. from the ground.

 – Euro-size pallet standard is 120 sm. in length, 80 sm. in width, 15 sm. in height. The maximal weight of cargo loading to the pallet is 1 tone. The height limit is 180 sm. ( together with pallet)

Pallet loading

– The pallet must be loaded so that the cargo could  maintain its maximum stability. The cargo safety is ensured if the boxes are properly collected on one another during loading

-It isn’t appropriate to assemble the boxes in the form of pyramid. This way of loading may cause damages of cargo.

 -Boxes on the edge of the paddo may also cause damage for cargo. This method of loading isn’t acceptable, otherwise the top-down pressure increases and it results in damages of cargo.