One of the challenges facing the export of pomegranate fruits according to the standards of European and other countries, is the sorting of pomegranate by weight, color and size after harvesting. It comes along with packaging requirements by large trading networks. 

The sorting aggregates are semi-automatic and fully automated and they are carrying out sorting pomegranates in the above-mentioned species. This, in turn, helps prevent damaged and non-standard pomegranates from being sent to consumers. These devices reduce the importance of sorting by reducing the use of manual labor during sorting.

It also creates opportunities for pomegranate producers at the stage of pomegranates packaging and delivery to the consumer after it has been sorted by size and weight. PPEAA recommends application of these aggregates soon in large gardens. In this case, there will be conditions for pomegranate sorting in the surrounding gardens, which in turn, can be a source of extra income for the entrepreneur.