The pomegranate is mainly the bush plant. Pruning plays major role in ensuring the physiological
balance of the plant, obtaining regular and high-quality products, facilitating crop harvesting, ghting
measures against the disease and pests. Trees could be pruned in the form of bushes, multi-trunks and
single trunk. According to opinions of agronomists, it shall be conducted in January-February months.
Bush shaped pruning is not suitable for sale. Pomegranate trees of single trunk: Once the saplings are
planted, one of three or four branches originating from the lower part of the trunk or trunk of sapling
are taken as their main trunk. The pomegranate trees of single trunk has high productivity, and agro-
technical service is more accessible. These trees are used to establish intensive gardening.
Pomegranate trees of multiple trunks: After planting, 3-4 branches originating from the lower part of
the trunk are selected as the main trunk. Despite the high productivity of pomegranate trees of multiple
trunks, the difficulties encountered during the harvesting lead Shape pruning. The  shape pruning is carried out within 2-3 years before the fruiting of trees. After planting, 3-4 or 1 branches originating from the lower part of the trunk are selected as the main trunk. The form of low crown is created by cutting the selected trunks from 50-60 cm. Other branches are completely cleaned. In the 2nd and 3rd year, the top of branches originating from the main trunk is cut off and the formation of the umbilical cord is completed.

Harvest pruning. Pomegranate plant gives harvests from the 2nd and 3rd years. In the early years, the
fruit branches are originated from main and auxiliary branches formed by formation pruning. The
operation of cutting edge may lead to loss of harvest, because owners are formed in these branches. The
branches in the lower part of the trunk and the thick branches under crown are cut off. Rarefying shall
be carried out in order the sun rays to fall within the crown, because the pomegranate fruit can
generate crown very fast.