Agrotechnical service

One of the most important points in pomegranate cultivation is agrotechnical care.Thus, the soil analysis of the garden that will be planted should be conducted and the 'PH' level of the soil should be taken into account. The condition of groundwater should be studied, drainage systems should be set up and cleaned. Particular emphasis should be given to the symmetry of intermediate and row lines during tree planting. Cleanliness of the pomegranate gardens from weeds plays an important role in preventing spreading of pests and diseases. For this purpose, mechanical means and pesticides are used. During pre-spring softening should be carried out in the interrow lands by softening trailers and should be fought with interrow weeds until the fruit season. During the winter the shaped pruning and throughout the season green pruning should be carried out.
All of these are important factors for increasing productivity and growing healthy crops.