Organic and mineral fertilizers are widely used in pomegranate cultivation. According to the order of giving fertilizer, they are divided into three types: underground given fertilizers, fertilizers given from leaf and drip water systems.

Recently, because of wide spreading of drip water systems in our country, NPK-containing fertilizers have been widely used. During spring and summer months, it is better to give MPK containing fertilizers from the leaf.  During autumn and winter months, giving of more phosphorus and potassium-mixed mineral fertilizers to the soil is carried out. In summer, nitrogen-containing fertilizers are given. As 50% of underground given fertilizers are soluble in soil, it is desirable to give organic fertilizers together with them.  Thus, microorganisms in the composition of organic fertilizers lead to the solution of the remaining mineral fertilizers that are left unresolved in the soil.

Before beginning fertilization in the gardens, definitely the results of laboratory analyzes should be taken and the fertilization program should be conducted according to the results.