One of the main goals of APPEA is to apply advanced worldwide technologies in our country in the field of pomegranate. As you know,  pomegranate harvest begins in the last weeks of September and continues till the mid-November in our country. It’s not a secret that typical rains in this season cause the loss of 30 to 40 percent of harvest. Also during pomegranate harvest the farms face  serious labor deficits.  In order to prevent the damages there is a need for specialized workers. This case exposes big problems in its turn. In order to deal with these problems, our association recommends the machinery widely implemented in Israel. The machine capable of collecting 40 tons within 12 hours, protects pomegranate from damages due its specific functions. It’s possible to continue the harvest even in dark weather with the help of the lights on its body.


As we have just mentioned, it is necessary to use new technologies to get the product more operatively. The used boxes utilized in harvest called “big box” and their capacity changes between 250-300 kilograms. It provides to get much more product from the field. The usage of these boxes prevents from usage of mini boxes and help to economy the resources

The harvest of pomegranate is basically carried out by hand, that’s why people use buckets and boxes in our country. This situation emerges some difficulties in its turn. When gathering product by hand there is a need for extra workforce and this increases costs of harvest. Gathering into the buckets squashes pomegranate. APPEA  recommends to use harvest bags widely spread around the world in order to remove these problems. The specification of these bags  is that the worker has ability to carry about 1 kg of pomegranate at the same time without leaving the field. This helps to prevent from pomegranate damages and extra workers. It makes easier  to empty the bags  from the bottom when they are full. After it the worker continues his work.

As it is known, picking up pomegranate from trees plays an important role in containing at refrigerated stores after harvest and delivering it to consumer in high quality. It’s unacceptable to pull the pomegranate off tree. It is recommended to use the harvester scissors to ensure that the pomegranate is ideally cut off from the tree. These scissors prevent from damage of pomegranate peel with its appendixes. And it provides ideal harvest of pomegranate in its turn.