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Storage in refrigerated warehouse


The role of refrigerated warehouses is great in delivering high-quality and healthy products to the customer.
Thus, two types of refrigerated warehouse are used for storage of pomegranate fruits. One of them is the 'Simple Atmosphere Refrigerated Warehouse' ('SA') and the other is 'Managed Atmosphere Refrigerated Warehouse' ('IOAS'). It is possible to keep the product in 'SA' system refrigerated warehouses for 2-3 months, and in the 'IOAS'  system refrigerated warehouses for 5-6 months. In order to prevent the product from being exposed to various fungal diseases in the refrigerated warehouses, fungicides should be used before harvesting, and during sorting the product should be washed with fungicidal ingredients and then dried and stored in warehouses.
As the pomegranate exports ethylene gas, ethylene filters should be used to protect against the effects of this gas or ventilation systems should be placed in the refrigerators.
The ideal humidity for storage of pomegranate products is 95%. Drying processes in the shell of pomegranates kept in this humidity do not occur and product maintains its freshness.
As the oxygen and carbon gases are regulated in the 'IOAS' system refrigerated warehouses, the product is placed in semi-lying state, which, in turn, slows physiological processes going in the pomegranate.  As the result, the product is stored longer in the warehouses. As well as, plastic boxes that the product is collected have more advantages. Thus, the wooden tares export humid from themselves and increase humidity in warehouses, while cordon tares cause bruising of products by taking in humidity. Ventilation and placing should be taken seriously.

So the product should be placed at least one meter lower than the refrigerant fans, and there should be a distance for the loaders to move freely. One of the important conditions is supplying warehouses with light generators to keep the temperature always constant. The temperature is recommended to be between 5 and 7 degrees.